Naama Bay


Things To Do on Naama Bay Holidays

Naama is the beating heart of Sharm el Sheikh, and from it’s warm waters you can discover this historic city for yourself – it’s great wildlife at the Ras Mohammed Park, it’s marine life on a cruise in a glass-bottomed boat, it’s Diving Museum and a Fun Land Theme Park for the kids. One area of interest for theologians and hikers alike is the legendary Mount Sinai, famed for it’s biblical history and home to St Catherine’s, the world’s oldest church, housing esoteric religious texts unseen anywhere outside Rome.


Saint Catherine’s Monastery and Mount Sinai are very popular destinations with huge religious and cultural significance, just a three-hour drive from Na’ama Bay. Mount Sinai is said to be the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. The mountain is also home to the sixth century Greek Orthodox Monastery of St Catherine. Climbing the mountain is the main objective for most visitors, but the monastery’s treasures are well worth taking your time to admire.

There’s a great market in the Old Town at Sharm el Sheikh selling everything under the sun; don’t be afraid to barter! There are more festivals in Sharm than most places, but April and May take the prize for their camel racing festivals. The local food is great too; you’ll find an amazing abundance of shish kebabs and seafood of course, with Egyptian vegetable stews and salads for vegetarians.


Sharm El Sheikh is very much a family-orientated resort, and Na’ama Bay is no exception. Most Na’ama Bay hotels have swimming pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, plenty of sports facilities, gyms, scuba diving centres, fantastic entertainment programmes and kids’ clubs, so even if you don’t want to leave your hotel there’ll be plenty to keep the whole family entertained. Horse riding, camel riding and desert safaris are also popular choices for family day trips.


Na’ama Bay, indeed the Sinai Peninsula as a whole, is a paradise for scuba divers and marine life enthusiasts. The waters around Sharm El Sheikh and Na’ama Bay are clear and calm for most of the year. Coral reefs and marine life provide an amazing experience for divers. Other great water sports include windsurfing, parasailing, boating and sea kayaking.

Ras Mohammed Marine National Park, at the tip of Sinai, southwest of Na’ama Bay, is considered one of the best places to dive in the world. Another superb diving area, the Strait of Tiran is only a few kilometres north of Na’ama Bay. Its main attractions are four stunning coral reefs, which are perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving. Inland attractions around Na’ama Bay include swish casinos, fantastic golf courses and indulgent spas.

Na’ama Bay’s striking Bedouin handicraft stands will delight shoppers. The main Na’ama Bay shopping appeals are jewellery and semi-precious stones , followed by the goods on offer in the Old Market, including spices, perfumes, leather shoes and bags, and Bedouin embroidery. Egyptian cotton bed linen and beach towels are often bargain buys.


On Na’ama Bay holidays, the city of Sharm is effectively at your command, and it definitely has plenty of nightlife! There are discos, nightclubs, and even casinos frequented by the great and the good. You don’t even have to travel – the world famous Pascha nightclub, Na’ama Bay’s biggest, is right on the bay itself. If you do fancy a change of scenery, head to nearby Sharks Bay or even Ras Um Sid.