How do I cancel my booking and what will the charges be?

If you wish to cancel your booking, you need to email the agent who made your booking or call your branch.

If you cancel your booking costs might be incurred.

Cancelling a booking with multiple Service Providers is complicated, and as such, we charge an administration fee to cover the cost of processing cancellation requests as confirmed in our booking terms and conditions.

Cancellation is always subject to fees from your Service Providers, and these are as follows:


Flights are non-refundable from the point of booking and therefore the cost of your flight cannot be refunded.


Whilst some hotels can be cancelled at no additional cost, some may charge a partial cancellation fee; others can charge in full. If you selected a non-refundable room at the time of booking, then there will be no refund due when cancelling.

Other products/ancillaries:

Transfers are non-refundable from the point of booking

Ancillaries such as car hire and airport parking will be dependent on the Service Provider