I would like to make a complaint

It is essential that you make a complaint in the resort and allow the staff to resolve the issue. You can then email cs@horizon-direct.co.uk

How can I leave feedback about my holiday?

If you provide us with an e-mail address before you go on holiday, we will e-mail you when you return with a link to a holiday questionnaire you can fill in online. You can also post reviews on your booking experience on reviews.co.uk

What do I do if my luggage is lost?

In the unlikely event that this should happen to you, you must remember to report any lost or damaged baggage straight away to the airline at your arrival airport. The representative will give you a PIR form (Property Irregularity Report) to complete which you should then hold on to for insurance purposes.

Where can I find your privacy policy?

Hays Travel takes data protection and the safety of any information we collect from you very seriously and follow industry compliance guidelines. For further details on our Privacy Policy, we recommend you click on the link: