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4 reasons why you should holiday in Hurghada

The Red Sea resort of Hurghada is one of Egypt’s most popular beachside resorts, competing with Sharm el-Sheikh regarding its popularity. There are plenty of reasons why you should book a Hurghada holiday, but we’ve whittled the list down to just 4 compelling reasons as to why you simply have to make Hurghada a feature of any trip to Egypt.

Hurghada Tips#1 Beaches, beaches, beaches

Egypt is famous for two things – ancient history and beaches. And once you’re done admiring the Pyramids and other historic sites that Egypt has to offer, you’ll be wanting to spend a few days relaxing by the sea. Here is where Hurghada comes into its own. With more than 20 miles of pristine, palm-fringed beaches to choose from, you can pick a different spot every day and never get bored. There are numerous luxury hotels and resorts right at the water’s edge and to top it all off, the Red Sea is warm in the summer months. No dipping your toes in and shivering from top to tail in Hurghada!

#2 Hurghada is perfect for a wildlife lover

The Hurghada coastline is home to some incredibly well-preserved coral reefs, such as those around Giftun Island. As with all coral reefs, these are absolutely teeming with marine life. There are all sorts of ways to see this wildlife for yourself. You can enjoy a boat cruise in search of dolphins, or you can snorkel amongst shoals of tropical coloured fish. Magnificent whale sharks are a rare visitor to Hurghada’s coastline and there are plenty of operators who will attempt to help you see these creatures, too. For a more reliable wildlife experience, the Hurghada Grand Aquarium is regarded as one of the best aquariums anywhere in the world, showing off much of Egypt’s aquatic life.

#3 Hurghada is really accessible

Its location at the far tip of the Sinai Peninsula makes Sharm el-Sheikh relatively inaccessible from Egypt’s other popular destinations, such as Cairo and Luxor. Although the country is very well served by an internal flight network, Hurghada’s location in the country is a massive bonus to those looking for a beach break after they’ve explored all of the ancient sites that the country has to offer. In fact, many groups and private tour operators actually include a few days in Hurghada at the end of their trips, regarding Sharm el-Sheikh as too far out of the way.

#4 Hurghada is really close to the desert

I can picture your face as you read that. Why in the world is a big, hot, lifeless desert possibly a reason to visit Hurghada? Well, I have two words for you: quad bike safari. Hurghada’s breathtaking golden dunes are the perfect place to head out on a quad for a day of adrenaline-filled adventure. There are many operators offering this activity and it doesn’t matter if you have never sat on a quad bike before, or you consider yourself something of a rally expert, the operators can cater to any level of expertise. As well as an exciting quad biking experience, these packages typically include a traditional Bedouin barbecue and possibly even a camel ride. That’s a lot of bucket list activities ticked off in one go. Hurghada is primarily a beach resort but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty else to be getting on with on holiday here.

Hurghada isn’t quite as cultural as many of Egypt’s destinations. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a number of exciting activities, as well as some downtime on the beach. With reliable weather, miles of pristine sand and a well-connected transport network, Hurghada is deserving of a holiday all on its own, but even more so as part of an itinerary to take in all that Egypt has to offer.

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