Marsa Alam Holidays

Marsa Alam HolidaysWhen looking for a place to visit in Egypt that offers culture without feeling too busy, Marsa Alam Holidays are often recommended. This beautiful location has become a premium place to come and visit for those looking for something different. This town based in the south-eastern part of Egypt is a unique location; a place that is located just on the western shores of the Red Sea.  Paired with stunning views and blessed weather, this is one of the ideal places to come for sun-kissed relaxation and an escape from the normality of life in major cities. For those who are appreciative of nature and a sense of being able to just relax, too, Marsa Alam Holidays makes one of the best holidays in the country to come and visit. Why? Because it is the home of the famous Abu Dabab Beach.

The beach itself is one of the most well-loved beaches in this part of Egypt. It is a location where you will see nature and humanity combine together in harmony, as opposed to a commercial clash. Watch as locals and tourists interact with the beautiful turtles who hang around the beach. You will also see interesting wildlife if you make your way into the water itself, including the rare crocodile fish and even some octopuses if you search around enough!

Marsa Alam Holidays: A blend of satisfaction and exploration

Many people come to Marsa Alam and enjoy their time in this resort simply by relaxing on the beach. When the golden sands stretch for so long and the blue sea and sky seem to join forces, why would you need much else to feel satisfied with your lot in life?

Still, many people also choose to come here as a safari destination. It is also one of the most popular kitesurfing destinations in the country if not all of Northern Africa. A trip here is one that is sure to provide you with a happy and healthy blend of culture, entertainment, and opportunity.
Inland, you might also find some amazing pieces of land to go and check out – pieces of land you simply cannot find in other parts of the country. Indeed, the gorgeous emerald mines provide a tourist attraction unlike many you will have seen before. Your eyes will light up with glee as you see the amazing paths and directions taken to make the mining of these precious emeralds possible. For those who are a fan of religious and cultural detail, you may wish to head over to Khanais and see the amazing Temple of Seti I. This historical marvel is a major landmark within the region and one that you should absolutely look to take the time to come and see if you are available.

Whether it is for a relaxing time on the beach soaking up the favourable climate, a splash with the amazing marine life, or a trip to the cultural artefacts of Marsa Alam, there is much for you to enjoy in this beautiful south-eastern Egyptian tourist resort. Why not come along and see it for yourself?

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